FMLA 2018 updates : All you need to know

It is important if not critical for Employers to have an in-depth understanding of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) impacts their company. The ability to manage the idiosyncrasies of the processing of FMLA and how one processing failure can result in thousands of dollars in fines & penalties, auditing by the Department of Labor (DOL), cost of investigations, loss productivity and the cost of misuse by employees. In addition, statistics shows that over 61% of Employers have difficulty managing FMLA leave and intermittent leave.

When you add the complexities of other new mandatory leave regulations currently or soon to be legally effective, the possibility of FMLA overlapping with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), the increase of discrimination claims and wrongful termination allegations by employees, it is no wonder that this long time leave process is an administrative nightmare for Employers.

Course Objective:

Based on these missteps that costs Employers so much and impacts their day to day operations to navigate this process, Employers need to have an understanding of the FMLA and other leave mandates, and develop a fool proof process to mitigate these and other workplace compliance regulations.
No one promises (or shouldn’t promise) that any webinar will make an Employer and expert in FMLA compliance but with an efficient process, effective training for managers and HR professionals, checklists and tools that can reduce risk, after taking this comprehensive training, Employers will be able to mitigate the risk and get back to running your business successfully.

Course Outline:

• Learn what regulatory agencies enforce FMLA processing and how you can protect yourself from    being a target
• Learn how preparing your managers with compliance training can reduce your risk for high     penalties as a good faith effort from FMLA violations
• Learn why Employers are at risk for FMLA allegations even when employees don’t ask for FMLA
• Learn how you can create a strategy that works when FMLA users abuse the process
• Yes, Employers can terminate employees who have performance issues who are on FMLA Leave   as long as you follow certain steps
• Learn what tools can be used to streamline a difficult process and make it work for you
• Learn when using a third party administrators (TPA) is the best method of processing FMLA
• Learn what actions are prohibited by the FMLA
• Learn how mandated posters can risk thousands in penalties if they are missing or outdated
• Learn why Employers should ensure they pay health benefit premiums during FMLA even of           the employee stops  paying.
• Learn how to manager intermittent leave during FMLA
• Access forms necessary to process FMLA as required
• And much more information to reduce your risk for violations